Our Team

Monica Chau

Reception & Senior Bookkeeping

In 2010, Monica joined our team as a Junior Bookkeeper: her role at the firm has only increased in tandem with her growth.

Monica joined the team in 2010, and has since been an essential part in our operations. Monica works the front end of the office, serving as both a receptionist and bookkeeper. She deals with Personal tax and Year ends, as well as specializing in WSIB operations and Payroll ROE. Preparing T4s and T5s, following up with the CRA, conducting reassessments and arranging activities with groups such as Service Canada and CPP are a few of her day-to-day tasks.

Monica enjoys reading a good book, or watching new movies on her down time. Interesting fact: Monica’s favourite movie is the Lion King.

Monica believes, what sets Senathi & Associates apart from other similar firms is our appeal as Public Accountants: the variety of clientele we bring in diversifies our team and capabilities, making work interesting and enjoyable.