Our Team

Mubassira Azam Kolia

Office Admin, Junior Bookkeeper

Meet Mubassira, our Office Admin and Junior Bookkeeper. Her day-to-day activities involve assisting our senior accountants in their numerous complex tasks, all while being a junior bookkeeper, and ensuring that all our clients are looked after as per their needs.

In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family. From cooking to going on long evening walks, Mubi loves to incorporate activities in her free time that allow her to maximize her time with her family. She also loves to travel around the world. In fact, learning languages is one of her favorite things to do, as the French language is the first one she hopes to master.

A fun fact about Mubassira is that, despite her Hydro Phobia, the beach and water parks remain as some of her favorite spots to visit.

When we asked her “What separates Senathi & Associates from other firms?” She said this:

Senathi & Associates is a very friendly and Diverse firm. The friendly environment here is very cooperative and supportive as they constantly find new learning opportunities for myself and my peers and allow me to explore new things within the accounting world.