Our Team

Sharujan Shantharaj

Marketing Specialist, Junior Bookkeeper

Sharujan’s recent addition to the firm has bolstered the corporation’s marketing efforts by large. 

Sharujan began working with the firm in 2019, and continues to do so as he pursues his Bachelors of Science at the University of Waterloo. Sharujan’s main role at the firm consists of overseeing marketing operations such as website maintenance, social media updates and promotion strategy development. Sharujan also assists with simple bookkeeping and admin tasks when required.

In his downtime, Sharujan enjoys learning about pop culture and staying up to date with the latest music, film, fashion and tech trends. Interesting fact: Sharujan hates chocolate.

Sharujan believes, what sets Senathi & Associates apart is our openness to change and development – the firm’s tech-savvy culture and openness to try new initiatives creates a great environment to develop younger employees’ skills.