Our Team

Jeevita Senathirasa

Junior Bookkeeper, Accounting Technician. CPA Candidate

Jeevita is an aspiring accountant and has been one of our most consistent student employees.

Jeevita began working at the firm in 2015, and continues to work as she pursues her Bachelors of Commerce at Ryerson University. She joined the team in 2015, and has been working in bookkeeping, data entry and various other auditing tasks.

In her spare time, Jeevita enjoys dancing as a classical dancer, she is also an avid fitness enthusiast, and loves to travel. Interesting fact: Jeevita is a dual citizen of both Australia and Canada.

Jeevita believes, what sets Senathi & Associates apart is commitment/loyalty to clients – putting client needs first, and supporting their interests before considering the firm’s.