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UBER: Reporting Income, and Filing Taxes

Uber has become an incredibly popular source of self-employment for many Canadians. The flexibility and reliability provided by the group provides a simple yet high-return income that accommodates the varying circumstances of Canadian families and their lifestyles. A common misconception by many Canadian drivers is that Uber income does not need to be reported for […]

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2018 Personal Tax Return Checklist

Personal Tax Return deadlines are fast approaching – do you know what you need to file your  personal taxes? If not, no need to worry – Senathi & Associates Professional Corporation has put together a list of all the essentials you’ll need to make the greatest savings this year’s personal tax. Take a look below! […]

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Meet the face behind Senathi & Associates Professional Corporation.

I’m Logan Senathirasa, proud owner of Senathi & Associates Professional Corporation. As we kick things off on our newly updated website, I’d thought I’d begin our first official blog post by sharing a bit of my story. Since I was a kid, I’d always been fascinated by the way businesses and finance worked. Aside from the […]

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