Our Team

Logan Senathirasa

Owner & Founder, Senior Accountant, Financial Advisor. CPA, CA

Logan’s passion and vision are the key propellants of Senathi & Associates’ great success.

Upon finishing his schooling and CA certification in 1993, Logan began his first public accounting venture. Working through numerous clients and partners, his firm has grown to become today’s Senathi & Associates Professional Corporation and has been successfully operating for the past 8 years. Being the owner of the firm, Logan’s role has been an overarching and ever expanding list. Primarily dealing with large corporate audits and tax operations, he also helps clients with financial planning, tax planning & filing, and business advice & strategy. Logan also participates in numerous seminars and workshops, working on outreach and client retrieval.

In his downtime, Logan enjoys playing golf, going on walks with his dog, and travelling around the world. He also enjoys working with local charities and mosques, providing pro bono accounting and auditing services for their events and activities. Interesting fact: he’s travelled to Greece and Italy, and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the 2000 year old mythology embedded in their culture.

Logan believes, what sets Senathi & Associates apart from other similar firms is both our diversity and commitment to clients: we always deliver. Our punctual and timely delivery of the exact services our clients request allows us to form lasting relationships and partners. Senathi & Associates’ diverse team and broad range of clients also permits the firm to be flexible and more adaptable to new challenges.