Our Team

Sanjeevan Shantharaj

Junior Bookkeeper

Sanjeevan is responsible for all the day-to-day administrative activities revolving around the office and bookkeeping for numerous companies. His primary job is to introduce new strategies within the firm and implement them with all our clients. He also book keep’s for such clients by entering sales and bank reconciliations.

In his free time, he likes to express his love for music through the art of DJing. As a DJ working alongside the renowned RLE Soundcrew, he caters to the Tamil community by providing DJ services for all social gatherings. Along with that, he is also a student at the Toronto Metropolitan University studying Business Management, pursuing his Business Commerce degree with a major in Global Management Studies.

A fun fact about Sanjeevan: He loves music and wants to learn about all the different cultures and meet new people around the world through it.

Here’s what Sanjeevan said when we asked him what sets us apart: “I think the personal connection that Senathi & Associates strives to accomplish with their clients is what sets them apart. They always go the extra mile for all their clients to ensure they maintain a high-quality service while ensuring their client feels comfortable and safe trusting them with their business. Along with that, Senathi & Associates has been providing all my colleagues and myself numerous opportunities to grow and learn every single day, making them a workplace I look forward to every morning.”