Our Team

Seiyone Uthayakumar

Senior Accountant, Office Manager, CPA Candidate

Seiyone’s range of work at Senathi & Associates reaches new levels of diversity every day: from IT & Network configuration to supervising junior employees, Seiyone is a critical element to our daily workings at the firm.

Seiyone began at Senathi & Associates as a Junior bookkeeper in 2013; After finishing his BA in 2016, he decided to become a full time member of the team to pursue his career in accounting. His main role at the firm consists of handling Year end reviews, Corporate tax operations, and various audits. He also oversees public relations and HR management for the firm, reaching new clients and employees by participating in public events and conferences. Seiyone has a strong familiarity with the Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise (ASPE), honing his skills by working with numerous corporations in the GTA, and continues to apply that knowledge at Senathi & Associates.

Currently, Seiyone is pursuing his CPA qualification and hopes to become a chartered accountant in the near future. His interests include cars and technology; staying up to date with the latest automotive news and updating himself with the latest user technology. Interesting fact about Seiyone: he enjoys travelling, and wants to explore the different cultures of the world.

Seiyone believes, what sets Senathi & Associates apart is their diverse portfolio of clients – it creates a motivating atmosphere where everyday brings forth a new challenge.