Our Team

Sol Kanjirthingal

Senior Accountant, Financial Advisor. CPA, CGA

Sol’s addition to our team was one of many winning strokes in our early days at Senathi & Associates.


Sol began his employment abroad, where he’d worked in places such as Japan and India for small firms. His Canadian journey began in 1987, starting with the pursuit of his CGA and CPA certifications. After completing his certifications, Sol found employment at numerous small firms until finally joining our firm in 2011. Today, Sol serves as an important member of our upper level operations. His main role involves dealing with clients’ full case files – completing full cycles, reviews, data compilation and business valuations, along with providing financial strategy and business advice.

Sol’s hobbies include playing and following sports: he loved to play soccer in the middle east as he was growing up. He enjoys reading, and has a particular interest in philosophy. Sol also enjoys spending time with his family and travelling around the world. Interesting fact about Sol: he was born and raised in the middle east, lived in india for 3 years, and worked for a japanese firm for 8 years.

Sol believes, what differentiates us from other firms is our no politics environment. By exercising teamwork, the firm’s close-knit group collaborates to solve the biggest problems – providing clients the greatest satisfaction from our services. He also says it’s good to see the growth and knowledge his fellow colleagues bring to grow the firm.